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  • Vape TV Logo

    Vape.TV will support Sodium Ion and Alternate Battery Technologies for the Vape Industry.

    In a bid to reduce Cobalt mining in regions like the Congo, Vape.TV and our associated vape retail outlets will…

    by VapeTV
  • Vape TV Logo

    Decoding the word Vape – Starting from the Top.

    I love starting things right from the beginning. And taking them right to the end. So what does the word…

    by VapeTV
  • JUUL Industry Decode.

    Guys this decoding is stuff we do to guide and direct our safety standards. Determine Products that we sell and…

    by VapeTV
  • Divine Dab Decode

    Vape Industry Divine De-Occulting – The Truth Behind the DAB.

    Recently we published a de-occulting of the word AIDS on our site Pharma.TV. The way I would read the decoding…

    by VapeTV
  • Brand De Occult

    Vape.TV To Compliment Brand De Occulting with Engineeing Scrutiny

    One of our side hobbies which we have not really spoken on Vape.TV is the analysis of occult symbolism. Our…

    by VapeTV
  • Set Feature Image

    Vape.TV Issue Engineering Directive for Vape Manufacturers.

    Today Vape.TV issues it’s first engineering directive for vape manufacturers. The directive gives guidance on the handling of insulation material…

    by VapeTV
  • UK & Ireland

    Vape.TV add shipping to the UK and Ireland.

    Shoppers from the UK and Ireland can now order via Vape.TV with shipping available from select suppliers and manufacturers via…

    by VapeTV
  • Crypto Payments

    Vape.TV expand available Crypto Payment Options.

    Today Vape.TV expanded its range of coin payment options for customers who wish to buy vaporizers with Crypto currency.  Payments…

    by VapeTV
  • Crypto Tokens

    Vape.TV to open to investment through Token offering. (No ICO Bro.)

    Today Vape.TV are announcing the forthcoming launch of investment tokens that will allow individuals and businesses to take an investment…

    by VapeTV
  • Vape.TV Safety Notices

    Vape.TV Launch Safety Notices Feature

    Today Vape.TV launched a Global safety notices feature. Safety notices allow consumers from all across the globe to subscribe for…

    by VapeTV
  • Vape.TV Now accepting Payments in Ethereum

    Today Vape.TV began accepting payments in Ethereum. In order to pay in Ethereum simply add your product to the checkout…

    by VapeTV
  • Atmos RX

    Supplier Review: AtmosRX

    AtmosRX are a vape producer and supplier Based in Florida. AtmosRX have a track record of releasing products to the…

    by VapeTV
  • CloudV California

    Supplier Review: CloudV California

    CloudV Are A vaporizer company operating from California. CloudV have a range of vapes some of which are rebrands and…

    by VapeTV
  • Treatment in Children

    The Ethics and Morality of Forced Treatment in Children

    The past decade has seen many instances of young cancer sufferers being forced by court order to undergo certain treatments.…

  • Hydra Vape Case

    Hydra Vapor Tech Titan Vape Case

    Instructional video for Hydra Vapor Tech’s Titan vape case.

    by Eric Oligschlaeger
  • Ann McNeill

    Ann McNeill (UK) : The situation in England and the PHE report – #sovape

    Ann McNEILL, addiction to tobacco Professor King’s College London, The situation in England and the PHE report. #sovape

    by Dominique
  • Cannabis

    Should Cannabis replace dangerous and addictive opioids in medicine?

    Patients across the world have been receiving prescriptions for opioid medications for some time now, and it has also been…

  • Emergency Services

    PTSD: The hidden cost of working in the emergency services

    Post traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD as it is more commonly known, is a major problem among members of the…

  • The Pros and Cons of the FDA’s Ruling on E-cigs

    The United States’ Food and Drugs Association (FDA), has this week passed a ruling that will bring e-cigarettes, cigars and…

  • Australia’s drug driving laws are lazy, punitive and unjust

    Australia’s drug driving laws have come in for a fair amount of scrutiny in recent months, and so they should.…