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Haze Vaporizer New V2.5 Review – All Stealth Black

Haze Vaporizer New V2.5 Review – All Stealth Black
January 25, 2015 HazeVape

The fine people at HAZE vaporizers have just released a new version of the HAZE called the HAZE V2.5.

I was fortunate enough to recieve one of the early V2.5 models in their new up and coming “stealth black” color and let me tell you I was instantly impressed.

The new and improved HAZE 2.5 looks the same design on the outside (with the newest addition of stealth black as a color option) but has drastically improved on the inside.

The new HAZE V2.5 has greatly improved temperatures. The new temperatures ranges are:

#1 365F
#2 380F
#3 390F
#4 415F

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