Vape.TV to open to investment through Token offering. (No ICO Bro.)

Vape.TV to open to investment through Token offering. (No ICO Bro.)

Today Vape.TV are announcing the forthcoming launch of investment tokens that will allow individuals and businesses to take an investment holding in Vape.TV

We will not be running any type of ICO and tokens will go straight into public availability.

There will be a number of initiatives to promote token investment and customers of our Australian stores that buy higher end vaporisers will be offered tokens as a bonus to their purchase.

How will our tokens be valued?
Vape.TV tokens will be valued as a percentage of the annual global Vape Market as a publication that has the potential to perpetually play an influencing role in that market.

Why would you want to invest in Vape.TV

  • Access to market insights derived from the Vape.TV platform
  • Access to market opportunities and development opportunities within Vape.TV
  • Access to product and health insights derived from Vape.TV and our broader media network.

Does Vape.TV have any revenues or sales history
Yes Vape.TV has begun generating sales in America and is primarily targeted to the US, Canada and will expand to include Spanish versions.

When will Vape.TV tokens be available?
Before the end of 2018

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