Vape.TV To Develop Platform For Quitters.

Vape.TV To Develop Platform For Quitters.

Vape.TV has had multiple builds and multiple iterations to make it the website that it is today.

Not only that, we have built literally a multitude of vape related sites to be able to gain the level of industry
Knowledge required to build a site like Vape.TV.

We have had to make hard decisions along the way.

One of the hardest decisions for me recently was to participate in the e-liquid market.

I personally don’t vape e-liquid and overcame tobacco addiction myself as a man at around my mid 20’s.

But because of the nature of the digital systems that we produce, ultimately what I concluded is that we
Need to be involved where the core of the market is. When people say vape – The average man does not think “Herb Vape”. The average man goes straight to e-cig.

So my initial thinking was as simple as “I don’t want to sell nicotine to the masses. It’s not the right business”

I’m still really at that point of thinking.

So what we have decided to do, is participate In the full vape market, but with the intention of focusing on
Nicotine cessation primarily as a digital business model.

Over time this will see us participating in the following types of activities and commercial models to achieve our ends of maximising cessation behaviour in society.
– Stocking nicotine solutions to give vapers options to scale down on nicotine dose.
– Heavily curating our nicotine product selection
– Advising and facilitating compound consumption transition in the population by recommending vapers try alternate liquid or herb based vaping solutions.
– Collecting data from customers and vapers to ascertain the most common human desire, use, need and requirement for nicotine.
– Briefing Governments and other medical bodies on broad market facts and trends relating to nicotine consumption.
– Integrating into the site services such as micro medical services to support quitters in their intention to quit.

We feel that our decision to turn Vape.TV into a platform that facilitates nicotine cessation will ultimately generate greater revenue opportunities than retailing nicotine and in the long run we would like to see ourselves in a position where society as a whole indicates that their interest in nicotine has declined.

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