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Product Review: The Plenty Vaporizer.

Product Review: The Plenty Vaporizer.
May 16, 2014 VapeTV
Plenty Vaporizer

The Plenty vaporizer is a hand held wall powered portable vape manufactured by Storz & Bickel. The first thing that makes the Plenty unique is that it is hand held and wall powered. This relatively rare combination in a vaporizer makes the plenty handy because it means you can take it with you anywhere and have wall powered vaporization quality. Which brings us to the next point about the Plenty. Vaporization quality.

The Plenty produces great quality vapor. The wide herb chamber gives your herbs broad exposure to the units heating element and works best with finely ground herbs. Getting the Plenty to full temperature can take a few minutes, but you can begin taking draws as it heats up. The herb chamber is one of the Plenty’s strengths. With filters on the top and bottom no herbs ever come through the through the draw tube. With each and every vape session on the Plenty will toast your herbs perfectly even at the highest temperatures. Unlike some lower quality vaporizers, there is no chance of burning with the Plenty, making it a great vape for people who demand high quality vapor.

The coiled pipe on the plenty is designed to cool the vapor as you take draws. This is effective, but at the highest temperatures people with sensitive lungs will still find the vapor harsh and may prefer to use a vape with a bag which will allow you to cool the vapor for longer.

We fell in love with the vapor our Plenty produced and enjoyed every session with the Plenty Vape. As far as design, the Plenty is not as sleek as your iPhone or iPad, but is great for someone wants a medium sized portable vape that is wall powered and guaranteed to produce high quality vapor.


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