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Product Review: CloudV Terra

Product Review: CloudV Terra
July 25, 2015 VapeTV
CloudV Terra Red

The CloudV Terra is a small portable hand held vaporizer for dry herbs. The most impressive thing about the CloudV is the sleek design and vaporization quality achieved in a budget unit.

The Terra is the perfect vape if you are looking for a vaporizer for toasting herbs or something to help you stop combustion based smoking.  The design of the Terra will make you fall in love with it, almost as if it was your iPhone. While the Terra’s design and range of colours makes an ideal portable vaporizer for the Pub or Club, it is also a great vape for the lounge or bedside table. If you have a special little herbal concoction that you keep beside bed to help you nod off or energise you when you wake, the Terra’s ergenomic easy to hold design make it the perfect vape for this.

As the Terra only has 2 temperature settings, if you want super granular  vaporization options you are probably better off with a Table Top Unit. As far as vapor production goes, the Terra easily competes with vapes like the magic flight launch box or Atmos Boss.

You can grab the CloudV Terra right here on Vape.TV. There are also a range of accessories for the Terra such as a power storage battery to extend battery life if you are going on a long trip in the outdoors.


Build Quality 75
Vapor Quality 84
Technology 75
Sustainability 50
Overall 71

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