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Product Review: Atmos Boss

Product Review: Atmos Boss
July 25, 2015 VapeTV
Atmos Boss Vaporizer

The Atmos Boss is a portable pen style vaporizer designed to be used for dry herbs and waxes. The first thing you notice about the Atmos Boss is it’s awesome design. Available in both silver and black colours. The Boss has a style engraved design and overall on feels like a well made product.

If you are a cigarette smoker the lightness and portability of the Boss makes it the perfect product to help you replace your cigarette. Given that the Boss charges with a simple USB port adaptor that connects to the units battery, which is essentially the base of the vaporizer, it is convenient to charge almost anywhere you go.

Even though portability is the Boss’ strength, it is not the strongest unit when it comes to vapor production. Even though you will get good vapor draws from the Atmos Boss, there are a number of similar style pens on the market that produce more vapor than the Boss. Even though we didn’t test the Atmos Boss with wax, if you are a dry herb vaper, the may leave you wishing for more.

Battery life on the Boss is reasonable especially given it’s small size and sleek design. In summary, the Boss’ strengths are in design and portability. But if you are hoping to blow huge vapor clouds, this will probably not be the pen for you.


Build Quality 95
Vapor Quality 80
Technology 66
Sustainability 77
Overall 79

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