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Pro Trim Elite Automatic Scissors

Pro Trim Elite Automatic Scissors


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Product Features

Nip Mode: Press the button for a single nip, great for getting in close for those neat and precise clips. The
amount the blades open can be adjusted in this mode.

Trim Mode: Double-press the button to active trim mode, which will allow you to quickly clean off plant material
with the fast electric blades! When in trim mode the Pro Trim Elites use less torque to be safer for you and stray fingers,
but be careful, the blades are still sharp!

No larger than a hair buzzer and much quieter, the Pro Trim Elites have two buttons in two locations with equal functions,
so you can use whichever is strong most comfortable for you!

The blades are removable for easy cleaning, and replaceable for when your crazy neighbor Gilbert gets the blades stuck in
his wall after trying to play darts with your trusty scissors!

The housing of the scissors are very durable, perfect for life in the growyard where it might be kicked around, thrown around, and dragged around.

What’s in the Box?

1 Pro Trim Elite Electric Scissors
1 Three Meter Power Cord
1 Extra Set of Blades

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Replace your Fisker hand Scissors now! The Pro Trim Elite Auto Scissors are just what your achy hands have been looking for!


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