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Vaporizing Lemon Balm

Vaporizing Lemon Balm
June 21, 2015 dwilliams
Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm or more commonly know as Melissa officinalis is a wonderfully pungent herb from the Labiatae family.

Commonly used for health issues related to skin afflictions to nervous tension and ADHD, it excels in calming the mind and as an added treat it fortifies the body with nutritive vitamins and minerals.

Being a member of the mint family its pungent odor is very effective in uplifting the mind and clearing out. Although found primarily in Southern, Eastern and Western Europe, it is grown extensively in many other parts of the world.

Due to the presence of certain volatile oils, e.g. monoterpenes: geraniol, citronellal, etc., it is effective in clearing head colds, sinus related problems, tension headaches, and other disharmonies including those related to bad air quality.

When used as a vapor to calm the mind and promote centeredness it excels and its influence on the mind and the nervous system is very noticeable. Its anti-viral properties are helpful in cleaning work and living spaces from influenza type microbes and well as toxic negative energies that tend to settle in certain environments.

As a long term tonic to Lemon Balm can be applied as a vapor to enhance memory and help to induce feelings of joy and calm.


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