Top 3 Places in the World You Don’t Want to Get Caught Vaping

Top 3 Places in the World You Don’t Want to Get Caught Vaping

Picture yourself lounging on a sandy sun-drenched beach, peacefully watching the waves roll in and out while sipping on a refreshing beverage. You’ve finally decided it was time to take that dream holiday you’ve always wanted and now you’re here, far from home, revelling in the beauty of your decision. You anxiously managed to get your vaporizer (and herbs) through airport security for precisely this moment.

You take your vape out of your bag, load up some essential herbs, and take that first delicious puff. As the familiar high starts to set in, you think to yourself: “Yes, life is good!” You slowly exhale the sweet vapor and set the vape to your lips for another round just when you notice someone standing over you.

Before you have time to react, they grab you and say: “Police! Come with me, NOW.”

Without warning, your dream vacation has turned into a nightmare as you’re handcuffed and told that weed is illegal here and getting caught with marijuana in this country will land you behind bars for a minimum of four years.

This kind of scenario is much more common than you might think in some less-tolerant parts of the world where something as minor as having an eighth of pot can land you in prison for a very long time. To give you an idea, here are the top 3 places in the world you do not want to get caught vaping marijuana:

#3- Indonesia

One might be tempted to vape on the beautiful island beaches of Bali, but this is one country you do not want to get caught with pot. Getting caught with just one joint’s worth of marijuana can land you in prison for up to four years. Even worse, if you purposefully or inadvertently get caught importing any amount of the sweet leaf, you’re looking at a minimum of 5 – 15 years behind bars!

One famous case involves an Australian named Schapelle Corby who got caught smuggling 4.2 kilos of cannabis in her luggage and received a twenty-year sentence. The only upside: she narrowly avoided death by firing squad.

#2- Japan

In this beautiful jam-packed island country, any type of drug use is seen by the public as evil. People here tend to embrace the “mob mentality” towards marijuana use and getting caught with it will earn you exactly zero sympathy. If you get caught with cannabis, hash oil, edibles, etc., you can expect a minimum 5-year sentence with hard labor thrown in for good measure.

Although it’s rare for first-time foreign offenders to see the inside of Japanese prisons, at a minimum you’ll get deported and never allowed to return. So much for sushi I guess.

#1- United Arab Emirates

Like many Muslim countries, the UAE hosts possibly the strictest marijuana laws in the world. If you get caught with any amount of marijuana, expect a mandatory minimum 4-year prison term. In addition, if you are found to have any amount of THC in your blood or urine, this can be considered possession to the local authorities and worthy of severe penalties.

The best course of action when visiting these countries is to just avoid partaking in cannabis altogether. That one joint or vial of hash oil is certainly not worth years of your life behind bars. Instead, be grateful that you live in a country where marijuana is tolerated or even legal. The people that live in these countries may never know what it’s like to enjoy this amazing plant.

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