Sustainability in the Vaporizer Industry: What Are Companies Doing to Go Green?

Sustainability in the Vaporizer Industry: What Are Companies Doing to Go Green?

At a time when marijuana is quickly becoming legal all over the world, vaporizer companies are seeing large droves of new customers flocking to their products. It’s no secret that the vaporizer has taken the herbal community by storm in recent years and unsurprisingly, some companies are starting to differentiate themselves by going green and introducing sustainable business practices and environmentally friendly materials into their products.

From locally sourcing recycled and renewable materials to creating green packaging for their products, there are a handful of vaporizer companies leading the charge to create a better, more sustainable industry. In this post, we’ll take a look at four innovative companies that are changing the way we look at “going green” in the vaping world.

7th Floor Vaporizers

Based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado, this small company is setting the bar high with its trademark vaporizer, the Silver Surfer.

Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Made to last forever out of recycled and reusable materials, the Silver Surfer is one of the most sustainable vaporizers on the market. This vape company is on a mission to deliver top-notch products in the most environmentally friendly methods possible. From their website:

From DAY ONE we have gone to great lengths to create a vaporizer that is completely sustainable.  We aren’t there yet…but we take great pride in the fact that we have gotten the SSV to 90% sustainability.  Whenever possible, we use materials that are completely recyclable or reusable.

On top of this, the Silver Surfer comes delivered in an eco-friendly reusable hemp bag that eliminates a lot of the waste that usually comes with traditional packaging methods. You can use and reuse the bag for carrying gold coins, tiny potatoes, or whatever else might suit your fancy. The point is this company has focused on delivering a high-quality vaporizer designed with sustainability in mind.

Kind Organics

With e-gels named Lucidity, Harmony, and Karma, Kind Organics has created vaporizer e-gels that capture the essence of founder Imani Athena’s vision for the future: sustainability, harmony, and nature. Made from certified organic plant-based ingredients, Kind Organics makes vaporizer gels free of sugar tine alcohol and ethyl alcohol, providing a tastier and more luminous cloud of smoke.

Their commitment to using organic ingredients demonstrates how many companies are beginning to take a look at their current offerings and asking themselves: how do we make this product more sustainable for the health of our customers and the planet?

Simply put, you just can’t beat all-natural ingredients with a bit of love thrown in for good measure. By cutting out the artificial, unsustainable and environmentally unfriendly chemicals in their e-gels, Kind Organics has shown that the future of vaping is in the hands of those who are most passionate about merging their craft with sustainable business practices.

Magic Flight

Crafted in San Diego, California, by skilled local artisans, Magic Flight creates a series of eco-friendly vaporizers called the Launch Box. Sourced from natural and renewable materials, the Launch Box vaporizer has been a hit amongst the vaporizer community for both the natural wood reused for each

Magic Flight Launch Box

Magic Flight Launch Box – Hourglass Bare Box Edition

kit and the cool designs. The hand-crafted unique woodwork involved in making each and every vaporizer shows a level of detail not often encountered in the mass-produced cheap Chinese vaporizer influx.

This company is another great example of the emerging trend towards sustainability and using all-natural materials in the vaping community. Customers have surely taken notice as many have jumped ship from harmful plastic vaporizers that use hosts of toxic chemicals in their production to those that utilize natural woods and materials that are reusable.

If the pattern continues as it has over the last few years, the rise of sustainability in the vaporizer industry could become the new norm for future generations of smokers. Not only is this a good thing for us as consumers, but it is also fantastic news for the environment and the green movement as a whole.


Targeting vaporizer customers that like the taste of marijuana but don’t want the THC, KanaVape offers a natural alternative to cannabinoids using hemp. Touting the benefits of growing all their own organic hemp on family farms in countries like Czech Republic, France, and Spain, this company puts nature and sustainability at the core of their business objectives.

By using hemp without chemicals or synthetic pesticides, KanaVape gets their product to 5% CBD (Cannabidiol) and 0% THC, leaving the vape enthusiast with a pleasant and relaxing toke without the psychoactive effects of THC. Their commitment to sustainable harvesting practices is a blossoming trend in the cannabis industry as a whole as more and more marijuana enthusiasts make the move towards purchasing all-natural organic cannabis and vaporizer products.

Let us hope that more companies take notice and jump on board.

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