How to avoid buying fake vaporizers.

How to avoid buying fake vaporizers.

Have you ever come across a deal on a vaporizer kit that seemed too good to be true? When the cost of a name brand vaporizer can easily run into the hundreds of dollars, many people opt to look for cheaper alternatives via eBay or similar sites. The problem is that most of these ‘deals’ use a well-known brand name of a popular vape product (like Atmos or CloudV) to get you in the door, but turn out to be low-quality knockoffs made with cheap plastic parts and horrendous customer support.

So how can you discern whether a vaporizer is the real deal or just a blatant clone? Here are a few ways to avoid buying a fake vaporizer:

1 – Steer clear of eBay.

Sure, you can find some really good deals on electronics, lawn chairs and picture frames here, but the vaporizer industry is a different animal altogether. Many vaporizers are banned on eBay so the ones you tend to find are no-names shipping directly from China.

Take a look at how long some of the sellers’ accounts have been on the site and you might be surprised to find that they are all relatively new. This is because a lot of counterfeiters will create a new account, sell as many knockoff vapes as they can and then either get booted or delete their account once they start receiving complaints.

2 – Check the price.

When a brand-new authentic Arizer vaporizer goes for around $200-300 and you find one for $6.99 plus free shipping, it’s safe to say you’re not looking at the same product. Most fake vaporizers are nowhere near the price they should be charging for the real McCoy and this should be your first indicator that things are not what they seem.

3 – Quality of materials.

A good vape is made out of high quality materials that should include ceramic heating elements, glass or Pyrex dishes and aerospace-grade aluminium or other parts that will last a long time and retain their original qualities. Other than the mouthpiece, plastic parts should be nowhere near the heating element because they will melt and could potentially cause some health problems if they become vaporized.

Our advice is to do your research and if you decide to purchase online, always check seller reviews. Don’t skimp when it comes to giving yourself the best vaping experience or you might be inhaling more hot air (and plastic) than herbs.

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