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Cannabis Facilitates Spiritual Awakening: Part 1

Cannabis Facilitates Spiritual Awakening: Part 1
October 23, 2015 Mynzah Osiris
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by Mynzah.

Perhaps the following Bible verse has made its way into your reality at some point in your life. “I give you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.” ~ Genesis 1:29. Another Bible verse but less known says, “The Lord hath created medicines out of the Earth; and he that is wise will not abhor them.” ~ Ecclesiasticus 38:4. Cannabis, or its more commonly known name Marijuana, is a seed bearing herb that is being utilized around the world as a catalyst for union with the Divine and/or as a medicine for a variety of ailments, as instructed by the Bible and God itself.

I am a former United States Marine and Law enforcement officer of five years. I have an A.A. degree in Liberal Arts, and a Bachelors degree in Management. Currently, I am a semester and 400 hours away from completing my Masters degree in Psychology, with an emphasis in school counseling. After serving in the Marines for 4 years and being in law enforcement for 5 years, I was set in my perception of Cannabis as being something no one should utilize and that it should be illegal around the world. I did not base this conclusion on personal experience but rather on propaganda provided to me by those I assumed knew more about this herb that bears seeds than I did.

I smoked Cannabis in high school and never saw it then as being harmful, despite it being illegal. It was until I joined the military that I began to see it in a negative light and that was only because I was told to see it that way. This attitude toward Cannabis continued into my work at the Sheriff’s department but it also began to wane. I was aware of a few officers who smoked cannabis off duty and was also aware of prosecutors and a judge that did as well. I can personally recall 3 occasions when I myself smoked Cannabis off duty with another officer and then once again with my wife at the time, who was and still is a school teacher. They were enjoyable events and never had any adverse effects from utilizing Cannabis.

I resigned from the Sheriff’s department in 1997 to pursue my educational goals. My focus was on my education and moving into a career in education. Specifically, I was driven to assist “at-risk” youth in school because that is what I considered myself to be when I was in high school, hence my reason for joining the Marines after high school. Smoking marijuana was furthest from my mind at this point in my life, I had no interest in it and saw it as having no value in my life. Then in 2008, eleven years after leaving law enforcement, I experienced a life-changing event directly related to the consumption of Cannabis.

At the time of this life-altering event, I had already completed my degrees and was employed by the Office of Education. A co-worker at the Office of Education and I had arranged to spend the weekend together at my place. Upon here arrival, I noticed she had clothes, food and a big bottle of vodka. I questioned her about the alcohol and she said to me, “If you smoked pot, I would have brought that.” I thought about it for a while and figured it was a long weekend so why not smoke some pot. I then told her that if she had it then I would smoke it. She knew that I didn’t smoke Cannabis and that I had been a Marine and in law enforcement but I wasn’t aware that she utilized Cannabis. I was a bit surprised to know that she did but I also knew that most people keep it to themselves about utilizing Cannabis.

After sharing with her that I would smoke with her, she was a bit surprised and simultaneously excited. So she and I went to get some Cannabis from her friend and returned to my place to smoke it. I was expecting my usual relaxed feeling when I had consumed Cannabis but this time it was different. Within 3 to 5 minutes after taking a few drags, I began to feel the effects but this time I was questioning reality. My co-worker could tell something was up with me because I just sat there on the couch with a focused look. I said to myself in a low voice, “Reality, Reality, What is Reality.” At this point, she asked if I was ok and if I was tripping. I knew I wasn’t “tripping” but I also knew something was taking place that I had never experienced before. I then turned to her and said she had to leave. I told her that she had to leave because I was receiving “guidance” from outside of me, that said, “She needs to go.”

She was confused of course and upset but realized I was serious and she gathered her clothes to leave. I didn’t want her to go but I knew she was supposed to. Immediately after she left, I received a phone call from her and stayed on the phone with her until she got home. After hanging up the phone I received guidance again from a source outside of me, instructing me to smoke the remainder of the Cannabis. So I found the remainder of the joint that we had not finished and I smoked it. Then I was guided again to listen to my favorite band TOOL and to listen to two songs by them (Lateralus) and (Third Eye) and to put it on loop to repeat and lay down on my couch. So I did as instructed by this unknown source and almost immediately after laying down, I felt a burning sensation in my lower back. I thought I had accidentally dropped the Cannabis I was smoking, on the couch and so I began to sit up and check. As soon as I had the thought to sit up, I was again guided to not sit up and that everything is ok and that this taking place right now is for me and that I needed to relax. I never opened my eyes, I just eased back into the couch and relaxed.


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