Vape.TV To Compliment Brand De Occulting with Engineeing Scrutiny

Vape.TV To Compliment Brand De Occulting with Engineeing Scrutiny

One of our side hobbies which we have not really spoken on Vape.TV is the analysis of occult symbolism. Our work in this area goes deep and is connected to everything other than vapes mostly.

However the idea has just occurred to us That bringing to the forefront the occulted concepts in Vape Brand logos etc is a great way to guide consumer choice will be to de-ocult logos of specific brands that do not have adequate standard when it comes to consumer health and well being.

We are patient and cooperative with all brands we work with, but if our forward communications on expected standards of product development and safety standards brands true intentions will be de-occuted in the public domain.

All brands are to iterate their products so that their products improve, save and extend lives and preserve human health.

The purpose of this de-occulting will be to ensure the intent of brands operating in the Vape industry is of a sufficient standard to justify their existence in the Our first de-occulting work will take place in 2019.

De occulting will be done in conjunction with specific engineering and safety test and overall guidance will be provided to consumers on a brands suitability for use.

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