Vape.TV Issue Engineering Directive for Vape Manufacturers.

Vape.TV Issue Engineering Directive for Vape Manufacturers.

Today Vape.TV issues it’s first engineering directive for vape manufacturers. The directive gives guidance on the handling of insulation material that is commonly found in many vaporisers, in particular pen and portable style.

The Directive is informed by our work in testing vaporisers for the consumer market and consumer feedback we receive from our various platforms.

We advise all vape manufacturers to
– Use inert material with no potential for health impact as insulation material.
– Engineer product to ensure all insulation material is sealed from inhalation chambers.
– Ensure insulation material does not degrade with heat over typical product life span.

As an additional recommendation we encourage vape manufacturers to investigate natural fibre such as hemp as an option when insulating vape chambers and components from heat producing elements.

We encourage all vape manufacturers to take guidance from this directive and all buyers and retailers to use this directive as a purchasing standard for future purchase orders.


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