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E-Liquid Policy

Vape.TV is not designed or intended to encourage or promote the sale of e-Liquid or e-Juice products that contain nicotine. Any liquid vaporizers that are sold or promoted on Vape.TV are intended for use with herbal and cannabis based solutions.

While our interest in liquid vaporization is primarily in vaporization of liquid cannabis solutions for alternative lifestyle and alternative medicine, we respect other businesses right to sell e-Liquids. Nicotine based e-Liquid’s are however not our business and will never be.

Vape.TV believe that great businesses do not sell, promote or profit from products that result in physical addiction. We believe the next generation of great businesses will profit from and promote products that promote human health and mindfulness. Not weakness and addiction.

If you see any products on Vape.TV that you believe violate this policy contact the site administrator at


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