Vape Industry Divine De-Occulting – The Truth Behind the DAB.

Vape Industry Divine De-Occulting – The Truth Behind the DAB.

So the purpose of this post is to de-occult the world DAB.

Dabbing is a core aspect of Vape and Cannabis culture. When I first heard of Dabbing (Quite late in life admittedly) I was a bit perplexed. I thought to myself “Is this a good thing or is this a bad thing” and “Would I really want to do that”. I wasn’t quite sure.

It would read – The Doorway to the divine death. Ouch. I guess we have some explaining to do right?

So this decode is simple.
– D = Doorway
– A = The Mason Compass representing our higher divine energies.
– B = 13 Pictographically. A number commonly associated with death.

So the first two letters don’t need a lot of explaining right. We have a doorway to the divine.

And then 13 symbolising death. So the number 13 is one of the deepest most commonly referred to occult numbers on earth.
Many hotels don’t have the 13th floor. But just seeing it as symbolising death is an over simplification. What it symbolises is
our physical death. Or our death on the material plane and birth into the spiritual. Which makes perfect sense for dabbing right? If anything is going to trigger that process it is going to be taking concentrated inhalations of THC. But don’t over do it or it will be your real death ­čÖé

If you want to get more detail on the esoteric symbolism behind the number 13, search youtube for a video titled HUGE DISCOVERY! ANCIENT EGYPTIAN ARTIFACT UNLOCKS SACRED GEOMETRY BIBLE CODES by Dee Smith from Thy Always Seek. This covers the esoteric symbolism behind an artefact called the Pendant of Osiris, Horus & Isis. The ancient Egyptians had their own means and their own plants with which to trigger the process of physical death / birth into spirit. But from my understanding the core psychoactive substance in that plant is the same as what we find in Cannabis.

So what appears to be encoded in the word DAB is that DABBING will bring forward your birth into the spiritual realms. Which is exactly what I experienced by smoking Joints and my spiritual awakening began at the age of 33.

So as far as broad direction on Dabbing or smoking concentrates, it is not inherently bad for humanity to engage in this behaviour. There is a place for this practice amongst mankind. We have heaps of work with the tools and technologies that are saturating the Vape market. But by seeing that by dabbing is not pure Vice, but instead a practice that can lead us to higher spiritual planes we can see that doing this filtering of technologies is a worthwhile cause.

Two things we should say, don’t throw caution to the wind when engaging in this practice. The tools used to Dab do have the potential to cause harm so do so in moderation. The concentrated nature of dabs means that you should not need to Dab too much anyways. And keep in mind these decodes are just speculation to ascertain the meaning and origin of words.

More Vape industry decodes coming soon to Vape.TV

PS (Yeah Yeah we know. Golden Idols. We get it. But there is a lot to be gained from Comparative Mythology. So get over it. )

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