Decoding the word Vape – Starting from the Top.

Decoding the word Vape – Starting from the Top.

I love starting things right from the beginning. And taking them right to the end.

So what does the word we are dealing with mean.

It is a very beautiful word.

When I think of the word Vapor. I really start with the thought of vapor seeping from the earth. Maybe in a place like Delphi.

Some say that oracles got high, sometimes from gasses that emanated from the earth.

But every letter in Vape Is Meaningful.

So I will give you how I decode Each Letter.

V – Spirit (5 In Roman Numerals)
A – Divinity
P – Saturn
E – Equal

I won’t bother going through how I get to all that but here is how I read it.

I would read it as ‘In the age of spirit divinity will preside over Saturn and there will be balance’

This is a very esoteric decode. The word Vape really means nothing of that. But I take from a word the deep intent
of those who formed the word using the letters. It is a very beautiful letter combination and it makes me happy to be a part of this industry.

More decodes coming from Vape.TV Soon.


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