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  • Dab Ninja E-Nail

    Save your money. Buy a brand that is more popular.
    I went through 3 of these devices, each one would display and “ERR” message after the 3rd time turning it on.

    With the last device, I finally decided to try a two new coils. Needless to say, the “ERR” message popped up after the 3rd time turning it on, on both coils… Can’t just be a coincidence.

    Angry dabber..
  • Indica Vaporizer

    Indica Vaporizer

    Rated 5.   This Vaporizer was a replacement for my Pax earlier this year when I last it’s bottom cover. The reviews on the FC forum showed favorable and it surprised me what a difference the little lighter can do.  Since the day I bought it, I call it my daily driver since I commute 45 minutes each way. 30 + full hits on a single chamber and I’m pleasantly baked.
    I wanted to get one for my girlfriend when Indica came out with the black one , so when it arrived, I looked at it and ended up keeping the black one for myself.  I know it was selfish, but it vapes so much better than the first one they produced and she still likes to combust.  She’s happy with what I bought her, but what I wanted to say here is this is an awesome vape.

    James Morrison

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Ann McNEILL, addiction to tobacco Professor King’s College London, The situation in England and the PHE report.
Watch: Ann McNeill (UK) : The situation in England and the PHE report.

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